From Freud to MR scan (Video)

Aaron BeckAn hour-long exploration “From Freud to the mysteries of the human brain”. Topics include Sigmund Freud and the study of psychoanalytics, information storage and processing, learning, remembering, perception, thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Panelists include:

Eric Kandel (Wiki), psychiatrist and neuroscientist, professor at Columbia University College, Nobel Prize 2000.

Aaron Beck (Wiki), psychiatrist, professor at University of Pennsylvania, one of the founders of Cognitive Therapy.

Steven Roose, professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia and Director of the Neuropsychiatry Research Clinic at the New York State Psychiatric Institute .

Peter Fonagy, PhD FBA is Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis and Director of the Sub-Department of Clinical Health Psychology at University College London. He is Chief Executive at the Anna Freud Centre, London.

Nancy Kanwisher, Paul Nurse, Nora Volkow, Rebecca Saxe and Liz Phelps .

Charlie Rose, From Freud to the mysteries of the human brain, 2006. Playtime 55 minutes.

A discussion about the legacy of Sigmund Freud with Eric Kandel, Aaron Beck, Steven Roose and Peter Fonagy

Charlie Rose, A discussion about the legacy of Sigmund Freud, 2007. Playtime 55 minutes.

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