PodCast med Fonagy og Salkovskis: Wake up to the Unconscious

 Den “44th Maudsley Debate” havde som emne: Wake up to the Unconscious: “This house believes that psychoanalysis has a valuable place in modern mental health services”, hvor flere promenenter forskere var inviterede til at holde oplæg i debatten om psykoanalyse og kognitiv terapi.


Chair: Professor Sir Robin Murray
For: Peter Fonagy and Alessandra Lemma
Against: Lewis Wolpert and Paul Salkovskis

The debate opened with a striking majority in favour of psychoanalysis with 251 pro the motion, 36 abstainers and 44 against.

Prof. Peter Fonagy reviewed the evidence base for psychotherapies, noting that psychodynamic therapies fared no worse than CBT. He emphasised the convergence of psychodynamic and neuroscientific accounts of development.

Opposing the motion, Prof. Paul Salkovskis likened psychoanalytic schools to cults, criticised the absence of a symptom-based approach and some of the theories underpinning psychoanalysis.

Prof. Alessandra Lemma drew on her experience in psychoanalysis and CBT to argue for an eclectic approach, but argued that psychoanalysis provides an unrivalled framework for understanding interactional processes.

Prof Lewis Wolpert shared his personal negative experience with psychoanalysis when suffering from severe depression, and described it as a pseudoscience with no evidence to back it up. He also accused his opponents of conflating psychodynamic therapies with psychoanalysis.

It closed with 260 in favour of the motion, 33 abstainers and 38 against.

Link til invitation: Maudsley Debate: Wake up to the Unconscious

Linkt til Podcast: 44th Maudsley Debate: Wake Up to the Unconscious. March 2012.

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