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How is mental health and mental illness portrayed in contemporary film

Psychflix is a website dedicated to looking at how mental health and mental illness are portrayed in contemporary film. It includes an extensive review section, and a series of articles that analyse the representation of everything from psychiatry to psychosis on the silver screen.

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OCD caused by bacteria and viruses ?

Den engelske avis, The Guardian, har publiceret en artikel om at flere sygdomme end måske hidtil antaget dybest set er forårsaget af infektioner.

Obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and diabetes could be caused by bacteria and viruses, according to the American Academy of Microbiology. In a report, it says a huge number of conditions currently attributed to lifestyle and genetics, including psychiatric syndromes, could be down to microorganisms.

“A number of chronic human illnesses are triggered, either directly or indirectly, by microorganisms,” says Ronald Luftig of Louisiana State University Medical Centre, one of the authors of the report.

Source: The Guardian, Thursday April 28, 2005, Infected by mental illness

The science and the ethics of operating on the brain

Radioprogram on BBC Radio 4.

Brain surgery, in any form, to treat people with psychiatric illness was virtually abandoned after public outcry over the abuse of lobotomies half a century ago. But recent progress in neuroscience is igniting renewed interest in this field. Tried and tested in the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson�s Disease, neurosurgeons are hopeful that certain brain surgery techniques may also help to relieve the crippling symptoms of psychiatric illnesses like obsessive compulsive disorder. One technique, known as deep brain stimulation, uses an electric current, from electrodes implanted in the brain, to alter the brain�s function. It�s still experimental and only about 20 patients world wide have undergone the operation. But because the stimulator can be switched on and off and the electrodes removed, the effects are completely reversible. Graham Easton explores the science and the ethics of operating on the brain to cure the mind.

The program was broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 1 April 2003 9.00-9.30pm.

You can listen to the program on BBC Radio 4 homepage.