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PodCast med Fonagy og Salkovskis: Wake up to the Unconscious

 Den “44th Maudsley Debate” havde som emne: Wake up to the Unconscious: “This house believes that psychoanalysis has a valuable place in modern mental health services”, hvor flere promenenter forskere var inviterede til at holde oplæg i debatten om psykoanalyse og kognitiv terapi.

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Paul Salkovskis: Anxiety Disorders: What Now?

At the World Congress of Behavioural of Cognitive Therapy (WCBCT), Barcelona 2007, professor Poul Salkovskis spoke about Anxiety Disorders: What Now?

Poul Salkovskis is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, University of London and Clinical Director of the Maudsley Hospital Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma.

I recorded the presentation and you can listen to it by clicking the mp3 player below.

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Playtime 49 minutes. Recorded 13th July 2007, at WCBCT 2007

Latest reality show promises compulsive viewing

Channel 4 are to put three obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers in a house together for a new TV show.

The OCD House will attempt to cure them of their condition in just two weeks with an experimental treatment programme.
The three participants are a woman who is unable to share a bed with her husband or hug her children, a man who believes he will “incriminate” himself if he touches another human being, and a woman who spends three hours each day washing her hands.

Channel 4 insist The OCD House is a serious observational documentary trialling a new method of treatment.
Leading OCD specialist Professor Paul Salkovskis from Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital (King’s College London) is involved in the programme.

The show is being made by Monkey Kingdom. On its website, Monkey Kingdom says the three sufferers will be set a series of tasks and must try to overcome their condition in just 14 days.
“For the three participants, it’s the last chance saloon… Can they overcome 20 plus years of OCD in just 14 days? Or are they and their families condemned to a life of OCD misery forever? Everything hangs in the balance for the next fortnight at The OCD House,” it reads.

The programme is one of the highlights of Channel 4’s summer schedule.

Source: The Guardian
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