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Psyris – psychology resource information system

California Psychology Network har en meget interessant hjemmeside om psykologi både for professionelle og klienter, som jeg hermed varmt anbefaler!

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Behandling af små børn med psykofarmaka (Guideline)

JAACAPFlere og flere før-skole børn kommer i medicinsk behandling med psykofarmaka for forwskellige psykiatriske lidelser som angst, ADHD, OCD etc.. Der er kun bekrænset forskning på området og der mangler kliniske vejledninger på området. Det første trin mod en standardisering af behandling af børn fra 3 til 6 år med medicin.

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Judith Beck og Michael Tompkins om kognitiv terapi (radio interview)

Den amerikanske radio station KQED har et interessant interview med de to kognitive psykologer Judith Beck og Michael Tompkins hvor de diskuterer kognitv terapi.

Du kan streame eller hente interviewet som mp3

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Paul Salkovskis: Anxiety Disorders: What Now?

At the World Congress of Behavioural of Cognitive Therapy (WCBCT), Barcelona 2007, professor Poul Salkovskis spoke about Anxiety Disorders: What Now?

Poul Salkovskis is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, University of London and Clinical Director of the Maudsley Hospital Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma.

I recorded the presentation and you can listen to it by clicking the mp3 player below.

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Playtime 49 minutes. Recorded 13th July 2007, at WCBCT 2007

Handbook of OCD: Concepts and Controversies

A new very interesting book is being published july 2005.

Handbook of OCD: Concepts and Controversies
Jonathan S. Abramowitz (Editor), Arthur C. Houts (Editor)

Product Details:
Concepts and Controversies in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Series: Series in Anxiety and Related Disorders,
Abramowitz, Jonathan S.; Houts, Arthur C. (Eds.)
2005, XIV, 803 p. 5 illus., Hardcover
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

You can pre-order it at amazon.co.uk

Here is some information about the book:

Few conditions are as fascinating to a psychologist as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and few generate as much controversy. Experts disagree over topics related to classification, etiology, and treatment, and differing points of view also occur along disciplinary lines between psychology and psychiatry. Because of the insularity of various scientific communities that study OCD, there is rarely a forum for examining these issues from various perspectives, and for trying to provide a more complex and multifaceted picture of the disorder. This volume creates such a forum.


Cognitive Therapy Successful Against Depression

A new study published in the April Archives of General Psychiatry challenges the widely accepted idea that drugs are the only effective, initial treatment for major depression.