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Interview med Oliver Sacks (Video)

Oliver Sacks blev født i 1933 i London, England (begge hans forældre var læger) og fik sin eksamen i medicin fra Queen’s College, Oxford. I begyndelsen af 1960’erne flyttede han til USA og afsluttede sit internship i San Francisco og en lærerplads i neurologi ved UCLA. Siden 1965 har han boet i New York, hvor han er klinisk professor i neurologi ved Albert Einstein College of Medicine, adjungeret professor i neurologi ved NYU School of Medicine og konsulent i neurologi ved Little Sisters of the Poor.

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From Freud to MR scan (Video)

Aaron BeckAn hour-long exploration “From Freud to the mysteries of the human brain”. Topics include Sigmund Freud and the study of psychoanalytics, information storage and processing, learning, remembering, perception, thinking, feeling, and behavior.

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The science and the ethics of operating on the brain

Radioprogram on BBC Radio 4.

Brain surgery, in any form, to treat people with psychiatric illness was virtually abandoned after public outcry over the abuse of lobotomies half a century ago. But recent progress in neuroscience is igniting renewed interest in this field. Tried and tested in the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson�s Disease, neurosurgeons are hopeful that certain brain surgery techniques may also help to relieve the crippling symptoms of psychiatric illnesses like obsessive compulsive disorder. One technique, known as deep brain stimulation, uses an electric current, from electrodes implanted in the brain, to alter the brain�s function. It�s still experimental and only about 20 patients world wide have undergone the operation. But because the stimulator can be switched on and off and the electrodes removed, the effects are completely reversible. Graham Easton explores the science and the ethics of operating on the brain to cure the mind.

The program was broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 1 April 2003 9.00-9.30pm.

You can listen to the program on BBC Radio 4 homepage.